Why should you join?

 Exercise is fundamental to our mental and physical health.


I want to help people find ways to move that make them feel better, without the focus being on aesthetics or physical measurements.


Aside from improving your physical health, exercising regularly improves your mood, sleep quality, self esteem and resilience. 

Over the weeks we will explore a variety of different strength and fitness styles and methods. I believe fitness is about finding a way of moving and exercising that you enjoy.

If you would like to know more, get in touch via the contacts page.


Group training - Block bookings

Group sessions at  The Big Shed are £6 per person. This can be booked in blocks of 8.


You can pay this in one chunk or weekly.  If you would like to pay weekly,  payments will be taken via an online payment system.


How to book

Please book your spot by emailing me via the contacts form on the website.

Spaces are limited so book early!