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Jo Hazell - Watkins

Movement is medicine  - Group exercise & strength training

My goal is to help clients to add movement and exercise into their daily lives, and change the perception that exercise is a physical chore, or a debt to pay for other lifestyle choices, when in fact it can be one of the most rewarding, empowering and healing things we can do for ourselves. I believe exercise should be about finding a way to move that makes you feel good in yourself, for yourself, rather than chasing aesthetic ideals.
I discovered fitness and strength training during a pivotal time in my life, amid a severe depressive episode and living with the effects of PTSD. Attending trainer-led sessions at my local gym gave me the confidence and focus I needed to deal with the daily challenges I was facing. I learned through experience how fundamental physical exercise and movement are for our mental and emotional health, and after a 15 -year career in creative business and design, I retrained as a gym instructor and then a personal trainer.
I help clients feel safe and welcome as they embark on their exercise journey. I remember how it feels to start exercising and how uncomfortable that can be. I remember the anxiety of attending classes or gym sessions and feeling so far out of my comfort zone that it was overwhelming... but I also know that if you persevere and have the right people to support you, your mind and body will reap the incredible benefits of exercise.
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